Monday, September 10, 2012

Radiator hoses, updates on previous posts

Cool hoses keep car cool
We installed some new silicone radiator hoses from Fuku Works.  (Fuku?  Sounds like...something from an Austin Powers movie?)  The hoses fit very nicely, and have an interesting webbed scale pattern on them.  The first color available is white, which matches our white car, but I think the other colors (blue, green, black) will be more practical in terms of not showing dirt.  It's a three-piece kit.  We installed them with special "cut-proof" clamps that we sell.

You can purchase the radiator hose kit from our web site, HERE.

So clean!  Of course, rain followed immediately
I washed the car by hand over the weekend, and was struck by how much less dirt accumulates on it compared to some of my other cars.  The rear doesn't have nearly as much soot stuck to it as the turbo cars, and the wheels barely have any brake dust.  Low weight + tiny brakes = low dust!  The small size means the wash doesn't take long, either.

Audio system update!  I really enjoy the Pioneer head unit (full name: AVH-P8400BH).  I have not been using any of the App Radio features -- I never need nav on the commute to or from work anyway -- but I have been plugging an iPod Classic in.  Then I can control the ipod from the head unit.  It works well, and the graphics are great -- cover art shows up nice and large.  The sound is very clear, too.  Actual buttons (as opposed to touch-screen virtual buttons) for track forward/back are very handy.  Answering and hanging up the phone works fine, too -- those are touch screen functions, but they are large enough that I don't have trouble hitting them, like I did with the OEM head unit.

The only thing that I'm missing is bass.  I bought the amp intending to add a sub, but to save time and money on the initial install I left the subwoofer for later.  Now I find that I really notice the lack of deep bass, and I'm pondering how best to address it.  I really don't want to use up a ton of precious rear space, nor do I want to add a bunch of weight.  Hmm.  Sub in place of the spare tire?  Inside of the spare tire?  Tiny sub under the passenger seat?  Custom sub in the rear corner of the hatch?  I'll do some brainstorming and check back here.

We've added a few more parts to our web catalog.  We now offer BC coilovers for the car, as well as Deatschwerks fuel injectors.  (You'll probably want those if you're planning to add a turbo or supercharger to the car.)  We also have the Injen intake in stock.  More parts are coming in all the time!


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